Tuesday, June 03, 2014

John Peel - 26th March 1993

Featuring sessions from Skyscraper and Bandulu.

Action Painting - Sensation No.5 (Sarah)
Guided By Voices - Weed King (Scat)
Huggy Bear - Jupiter Re-Entry (Kill Rock Stars)
Skyscraper - Choke (Session)
Boom Operators - The Block (MFS)
70 Gwen Party - Autokiller UK (Snape)
Knight Brothers - She's A One
PJ Harvey - 50Ft. Queenie (Too Pure)
 Marxman - Do You Crave Mystique (Talkin' Loud)
Trumans Water Speeds Exceeding (Elemental)
Palace Brothers - The Ohio River Boat Song (Drag City)
John And Julie - Red Alert (Dataflow)
Mutant Gods - Last Convulsions (Badonski)
Velocity Girl - Pretty Sister (Sub Pop)
Bandulu - Funk Waffle (Session)
Skyscraper - Red Raw (Session)
Kidjia Sisters and Chania River Boys - N'Direnthira Fashiono (Joysounds)
Stereolab - Avant Garde M.O.R. (Too Pure)
81 Mulberry - Ephedrine (Pleather)
Spooky - Shmoo [Steppin' Razor Mix] (Guerilla)
Tom Jones and New Model Army - Gimme Shelter (Food)