Monday, June 23, 2014

John Peel - 28th May 1969

Featuring John Fahey in session.

Jeff Beck Group - Plynth (Columbia)
John Fahey - Bucktown Stomp (Session)
Pete Roche - A Thing Apart
Krzysztof  Penderecki - Apotheosis (Phillips)
John Fahey - The Death Of Clayton Peacock (Session)
John Hiseman's Colosseum (Fontana)
John Fahey - Sunflower River Blues (Session)
Pete Roche - To See How Far It Is
Radio Ceylon Orchestra - Wind, String Instruments and Percussion(BBC Archives)
Phil Ochs - I Kill, Therefore I Am
John Fahey - In Christ There Is No East Or West (Session)
Romanian Radio and Television Folk Orchestra - The Hora (BBC Archives)
Pete Roche - The Skin Diver
Shirley And Dolly Collins - Nellie The Milkmaid (Harvest)
John Fahey - Steel Guitar Rag (Session)
Terry Riley - In C [Part 1] (CBS)