Thursday, June 19, 2014

John Peel - 13th December 2000

Featuring a repeat of the first session by Cat Power which had originally being broadcast in July 2000.

Haunted - Trespass (Earache)
Big Youth - Hell Is For Heroes (Blood And Fire)
Kreidler - The Boy Who Wonders
Cat Power - Sophisticated Lady (Session)
Cat Power - Deep Inside (Session)
Cat Power - Hard Times In New York City (Session)
Cat Power - Come On In My Kitchen (Session)
Lorimer Beauty Queen - ?
East Man Project - 3 Wise Men (HMG)
Marlowe - Tied Up (Probe Plus)
Delicate AWOL - Evergreen China Prairie (Dreesh Day Release)
Cybersecrecy - You're Right (MFS)
Cat Power - Wonderwall (Session)
Cat Power - Werewolf (Session)
Cat Power - Up And Gone (Session)
Cat Power He Was A Friend Of Mine (Session)
Iven Schmidt - Sun III Compilation (Ware)
Cinerama - Your Charms (Scopitones)
LMS - Jah Love (Exterminator Records)
Cody - Ideas Are Allies (Shinkansen)
Ronnie Ronalde - The Yodelling Whistler (Columbia)
Ghostface - Vital Signs (Voodoo Records)
Billy Mahonie - Flume (Speakerphone Records)
Cat Power - Sister (Session)
Cat Power - Knocking On Heaven's Door (Session)
Cat Power - Freebird (Session)
Cate Brothers - Standing On A Mountain Top (Asylum Records)
Word Of Mouth with DJ Cheese - Coast To Coast (Champion)
Go! Team - Get It Together (Pickled Egg)
Six Em Klemm - The Luxury Of Dirt (Kranky)
Bodies - What's She Gonna Do? (Blast)
Subject Matter - Steel (Genetic Stress Records)