Thursday, July 17, 2014

John Peel - 10th August 1976 (Family Retrospective)

This was the second in a series of programs which focused on classic groups. The group in question this time was Family.

Family - My Friend The Sun (Reprise)
Family - In My Own Time (Reprise)
The Farinas - You'd Better Stop
Family - Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens (Liberty)
Family - Second Generation Woman (Reprise)
Blind Faith - Presence Of The Lord (Polydor)
Family - Second Generation Woman (Reprise)
Family - The Breeze (Reprise)
Family - No Mule's Fool (Reprise)
Gram Parsons - Kiss The Children (Reprise)
Family - The Weavers Answer (Reprise)
Family - Burlesque (Reprise)
King Crimson - The Night Watch (Island)
Family - Boom Bang (Raft)
Streetwalkers - Toenail Draggin' (Vertigo)
Kevin Ayers - Mr Cool (Harvest)
Streetwalkers - Daddy Rolling Stone (Vertigo)