Wednesday, July 02, 2014

John Peel - 8th May 1990

Featuring a superb session from Sarah Records faves The Orchids.

Buffalo Tom - Sunflower Suit (Megadisc)
Compton's Most Wanted - One Time Gaffled Em Up (Orpheus)
Original Sins - Like No Other Man (Popllama/Estrus)
The Orchids - Dirty Clothing (Session)
Gregory Peck - Pocoman Jam (Steely And Clevie)
Leatherface - Razor Blades And Aspirin (Roughneck)
Crane - Fire Engine (Meantime)
What? Noise - Whip (One Little Indian)
Soho - Give It Up (United Sounds Of America)
The Orchids - Frank Di Salvo (Session)
Babes In Toyland - Flesh Crawl (C/Z)
Hipno feat. Rootee - Hypno (Hammer)
Barkmarket - Pink Stainless Tail (Brake Out)
Bim Sherman - Nightmare (Century)
The Orchids - And When I Wake Up (Session)
Sonic Youth - Burning Farm (Giant)
MC Shan - Death Was Quite A Surprise (Cold Chillin')
L7 - Bloodstains (C/Z)
The Shamen - Purple Haze (Imaginary)
Bo Diddley - I'm Looking For A Woman
Long Cold Stare - Tongue Tied (Rise Above)
The Orchids - Caveman (Session)
Bamn - Nonstoptechnopop (Simulation)