Wednesday, July 30, 2014

John Peel - 29th May 1990

Featuring Dawson in session.

Levellers 5 - Next Big Thing (Probe Plus)
Tom Salta - The Lost Boy (More Music)
Surf Trio - Strychnine (Popllama)
Dawson - Molocoke Cocktail (Session)
Dawson - White Colonial (Session)
Shimita - Kisodisa (Syllart)
Pussy Galore - Song At The End Of The Side (Rough Trade)
Thee Headcoats - Monkey's Paw (Hangman)
KGB - The Big Payback (Select)
Herbst In Peking - Bakschischrepublik (Peking)
Jellyfish Kiss - Crazy Bong (Demon)
The Shamen - Purple Haze (Imaginary)
Dawson - Sort Of Man (Session)
Dawson - Ad Nauseam (Session)
Cornell Campbell - The Minstrel (Jackpot)
Urge Overkill - Out On The Airstrip (Touch & Go)
Tinkers - Home By The River (Shimmy Disc)
Ruthless Rap Assassins - Just Mellow (Syncopate)
Kitchens Of Distinction - Quick As Rainbows (One Little Indian)
Dawson - From The Loins Of Mr & Mrs Neurosis (Session)
Dawson - Fifty Years (Session)
L.U.P.O. - Hell Or Heaven (Low Spirit)
The Popinjays - Please Let Me Go (One Little Indian)
Orchestra Super Mazembe - Kissongo (Discafrique International)
Dinosaur Jr - The Wagon (Sub Pop)