Tuesday, July 01, 2014

John Peel - 9th June 1995

Bit of a special program this one as it was the first to be broadcast live from Peel Acres. Joyrider and Plastikman provide the sessions.

Kemet Crew - Third Party (Parousia)
Joyrider - Fabulae (Session)
Treble Spankers - The Good The Bad And The Ugly (Vulcan)
Plastikman - PP001 (Session)
Spacehopper - Not Me (Creeping Bent)
Pavement - Pueblo (Big Cat)
American TV Cops - Cruiser (Pest)
Cocoa Tea - Babylon Falling (Fat Eyes)
Yo La Tengo - Decora (City Slang)
Joyrider - DRB (Session)
The Grifters - Slow Day For The Cleaner (Shangri La)
Plastikman - Dubfunk (Session)
Manxish Boys - Viva Knievel (Vesuvius)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Styx Gig [Seen My Mates Coming out Of A] (Probe Plus)
London Punkharmonic Orchestra - Love Song (Music Club)
The Damned - Love Song (Chiswick)
Sentinel - Drag Beat (Hard Hands)
Nouvelle Generation - Dede Mikonda Originale (Editions Esperance)
Chosen - New World (Detour)
Quadrajets - Let's Go To Outer Space (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Bounty Killer - Suspense (Priceless)
Chelsea Grin - ? (Sabrettes)
Joyrider - Special One (Session)
Magoo - Elsie's Skinny Arms (Noisebox)
Centry - Meets The Music Family (Conscious Sounds)
Smog - The Candle (City Slang)
The Fall - Wings (Cog Sinister)
Plastikman - Minak (Session)
The Leopards - Burning (Creeping Bent)
Trumans Water - Large Oceans (Strange Fruit)
DJ Flash - Pulp Fiction [Easy Does It] (Urban Gorilla)
Joyrider - Animal Vegetable Mineral (Session)
pHonic - The Pulveriser (Crowd Control)
Sonic Youth - Eric's Trip (Blast First)
Teen Angel - Jesus Is On My Side (Scooch Pooch)
Source - Celebrate (Awesome)
Trailer Bride (Louise)
Flying Saucer Attack - Red Beach Lullaby (Planet)
Beatnik Filmstars - Flake (Slumberland)
Plastikman - Helikoptor (Session)
Bomboras - Moon Probe (Dionysus)
Disciples - Eastern Fire (Cloak And Dagger)