Monday, January 15, 2018

John Peel - 15th January 1994

Featuring sessions from That Dog and Hula Hoop.

Capleton - Bad So (African Star)
Smudge - Impractical Joke (Domino)
Elastica - Line Up (Deceptive)
Yinka - Come Correct (Mission Records)
That Dog - One Summer Night (Session)
Man Or Astro-Man? - Popcorn Crabula (Homo Habilis Records)
Infinity - U Really Got Me (Fresh)
Hula Hoop - Jodhpur (Session)
FSK - The Original Trapp Family (Sub-up)
Andromeda - Trip To Space (Save The Vinyl)
High Five - For All To See (No Go)
That Dog - He Rocks (Session)
Rancid Hell Spawn - I'm In Love With A Gangster's Moll (Wrench Records)
Florence - Dominion - Percussion (New Electronica)
Crunt - Unglued (Trance Syndicate Records)
Hula Hoop - The Coolest Thing (Session)
Ismailis - We Are Friends With Everybody (Joint Effort Records)
Skippies - So Fine (New Rose Records)
Swinghufvuds - Smells Like Teen Spirit (AMT)
Ninjaman - Under Ground (Kingston 11)
That Dog - Angel (Session)
Cosmonauts Hail Satan - Satan, Yuri And You Part 1 (Shock)
Hula Hoop - Butterfingered (Session)
Woody McBride - Pulp (Drop Bass Network)
Gene Vincent - Baby Blue (See For Miles Records)
Proctors - Baby Blue (Sunday Records)
Bob Dylan - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (CBS)
Beenie Man - No Mama No Cry (Taxi)
Morgan Fisher - Humtone #4 (MFF Records)
Last Party - Ucit (Dishy Recordings)
That Dog - Sit On The Floor (Session)
Ukrainians - The Queen Is Dead (Blue)
Hula Hoop - Wisteria (Session)
Fats Domino - So Long (United Artists)