Tuesday, January 16, 2018

John Peel - 16th January 1980

No sessions in this show just plenty of great tunes.

Silicon Teens - Judy In Disguise (Mute)
Moderates - Yes To The Neutron Bomb (Open Eye)
Special A.K.A. (feat Rico) - Too Much Too Young (2-Tone)
Special A.K.A. (feat Rico) - Guns Of Navarone (2-Tone)
Same - Wild About You (Blueprint)
Donna And The Kebabs - Boring Conversations (Crass)
I-Roy - Buck And The Preacher (Trojan)
Lene Lovich - The Night (Stiff)
John Foxx - He's A Liquid (Virgin)
Directions - Three Bands Tonite (Tortch)
Zorkie Twins - Sooner Or Later (Skeleton)
Human League - Being Boiled (Fast Product)
Circles - Opening Up (Graduate)
Bauhaus - Dark Entries (Axis)
Rest - Carnival (Shooting Star)
Disco Students - South Africa House (Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!)
Rod Taylor - Morning Train (Little Luke)
Sods - Mopey Grope (Tap)
Danny And The Dressmakers - Cathy And Claire (Fuck Off)
Madness - My Girl (Stiff)
The Mekons - What Are We Going To Do Tonight (Virgin)
Autopilot - When The Silence Falls (Merimusic)
Desperate Bicycles - Blasting Radio (Refill)
3rd And 4th Generation - Rudies Medley (Punch)