Tuesday, January 30, 2018

John Peel - 30th January 1993

Featuring sessions from Breed and Dr Oloh.

St Johnny - Stupid (Rough Trade)
Hell And Fire - Pointless Killing (Well Charge)
Even As We Speak - To See You Smile (Sarah)
Dr. Oloh - Sierra Leone Unite (Session)
Captain Beefheart - Click Clack (Reprise)
Breed - Phantom Limb (Session)
WestBam - Mayday Anthem [Force Mass Motion Mix] (Low Spirit)
Roy Head - Treat Her Right (Vocalion)
Subsequence: Healthy
Datblygu - Cerddoriaeth Dant (Ankst)
Growing Up Skipper - Abby (The Making Of Americans)
Dr. Oloh - Mariana (Session)
Gan - Leaving You (SMR)
Boomshanka - Do You Have The Power? (Cowboy)
Breed - Whoa, Whoa, Whoa (Session)
Charles Hodges - Easier To Say Than Do (Calla)
Gallon Drunk - Paying For Pleasure (Clawfist)
The Fall - So What About It (Fontana/Cog Sinister)
Bumble - West In Motion [Weatherall Drum/Fire Mix] (Mother)
Eggs - The Oblivist (Land Speed/Saltpeter)
Medicine Ball - Source Of Possible Ignition (Irregular)
Polygon Window - Quoth (Warp)
Dr. Oloh - Baloa (Session)
Last Party - Barbecued (Bilberry)
Charlie Chaplin - Unleashed (XTerminator)
Superchunk - The Question Is How Fast (Merge)
Huggy Bear - Hopscotch (Catcall/Kill Rock Stars)
Breed - Shaking The Bone (Session)
Randy And The Rainbows - Why Do Kids Grow Up (Ace)
Skullflower - Black Rabbit (hEADdIRT)
System 7 - 7:7 Expansion [Nutritious Mix] (Big Life)
Steve Hillage - Saucer Surfing (Virgin)
Zuzu's Petals - Psychotavern (Kokopop)
Dr. Oloh - Nia Jog Me Man (Session)
Shorty - Samtastic (WorryBird Disk)
Calvin Party - Mass (Probe Plus)
Influx - Deeva (Loopy Tunes)
Breed - Wonderful Blade (Session)
Mambo Taxi - Prom Queen (Clawfist)