Tuesday, April 17, 2018

John Peel - 17th April 1993

Featuring sessions from Dinosaur Jr and Roovel Oobbik.

Thriller U - Drive (Steely And Clevie)
Godheadsilo - Nutritious Treat (Kill Rock Stars)
Dinosaur Jr. - Get Me (Session)
Chubby Chunks - Testament Two (Cleveland City Records)
Fluke - Spacey [Original Version] (Volume)
PJ Harvey - Me-Jane (Island)
Jacob's Mouse - Column (Wiiija)
Röövel Ööbik - Masters Of Day Dream Machinery (Session)
In-Q-Bus - Cerebral Hemispheres (Chill)
The Fall - It’s A Curse (Permanent)
Adewale Ayuba - Ma So Nipa Aids - Sora Nipa Aids (Flame Tree)
The Swirlies - Bell (Taang!)
Gibson Bros. - I Had A Dream (Sympathy For The Records Industry)
Dinosaur Jr. - Noon At Dawn (Session)
Luke Slater - Amil [Remix] (Peacefrog Records)
Röövel Ööbik - Kitsch Zew Kierkegaard (Session)
Lloyd Hemmings - Heartical Decision (Rockers International)
Dr Phibes And The House of Wax Equations - ?
Huggy Bear - Trafalgar Square (Duophonic)
Fats Domino - Blue Monday (Imperial)
Flophouse - ? (Harp Records)
Dinosaur Jr. - Hide (Session)
UP! - Spiritual High (Novamute)
Notwist - Welcome Back (Big Store Records)
Blast Off Country Style - Hey Hey I Love You Bitch (Teenbeat)
Ninjaman - Gun Bogle (Greensleeves)
The Fall - A Past Gone Mad (Permanent Records)
The Swirlies - His Love Just Washed Away (Taang! Records)