Wednesday, April 18, 2018

John Peel - 18th April 1992

Featuring sessions from Cobra and Come.

Papa San - Price Increase (XTerminator Records)
Swell - The Price (pSycho-sPecfic)
Higsons - My Love Is Bent At Both Ends (Romans In Britain Records)
Marusha - Rave Channel (Low Spirit Recordings)
Come - Bell (Session)
Weird Beard - This Knight's Bullseye (Increase)
Bruce Channel - Hey! Baby (Increase)
Weird Beard - KLIF Master Control (Increase)
PJ Harvey - Joe (Too Pure)
Pitchblende - Lacquer Box (Land Speed)
Eton Crop - On The Move (Torso Dance)
Metapsychosis - The Oracle (80 Aum)
Cobra - Be Patient' (Session)
Come - Off To One Side (Session)
Krispy 3 - Harder Times (Gumh Recordings)
Kill Laura - Never Finer (Klee)
Cobra - Fulfilment (Session)
Sonic Youth - Candle (Blast First)
Florence - The Vineyard Reprise (Eevo Lute Muzique)
Memphis Minnie - Has Anyone Seen My Man? (Columbia)
Jane Pow - Morningside (Marineville Records)
Badgewearer - Too Much Soap (Gruff Wit)
Seam - Atari (City Slang)
TX7 - ?
Come - William (Session)
Manifesto - Different Day (Fire)
Cobra - Yush (Session)
Elevator - ? (Seminal Twang)
Bivouac - Me,Ted And Charles (Elemental Records)
Prilly Hamilton - Night Doctor (Sinbad)
Tribe 8 - Neanderthal Dyke (HARP Records)
The Hoovers - Jealous (Produce Records)
Mighty Force - Dumb Dumb (Sub Bass Records)