Monday, April 09, 2018

John Peel - 9th April 1994

Featuring sessions from The Orchids and Nectarine No.9.

Jacob's Mouse - 3 Pound Apathy (Wiiiija)
New Decade - Statue Of Gold (Out Of Romford Records)
The Orchids - Patience Is Mine (Session)
Loop Guru - Freedom From The Known (Nation Records)
Unconvinced - Sit At Home (18 Wheeler)
The Fall - Hey! Student (Permanent)
Backbeat Band - Long Tall Sally (EMI)
Nectarine No.9 - This [Arse] Hole's Been Burned Too Many Times Before (Session)
Billy Dee Kossa’s - Se Mo Vay (Seroga Productions)
Harvey Sid Fisher - Virgo (Amarillo)
Locust - Xenophobe (Apollo)
The Orchids - Waiting Seems Vain (Session)
Pulp - David's Last Summer (Island)
Nectarine No 9  - These Days (Session)
Hexagone - Float Baby (Djax-Up-Beats)
Sonic Youth - Bone (Geffen)
Magic Hour - Isn't A Way (Twisted Village)