Monday, October 14, 2013

John Peel - 20th June 1992

Featuring sessions from 70 Gwen Party and Bivouac

Sonic Youth - Creme Brulee (Geffen)
Ragga Twins - Shine Eye (Shut Up And Dance)
The 5,6,7,8's - Pinball Party (Tokyo Karate)
Whipping Boy - Submarine (Liquid)
The Fall - Ed's Babe (Fontana/Cog Sinister)
70 Gwen Party - Autokiller (Session)
Frankie Paul - Pon Di Scene (Super Supreme)
Bivouac - Spine (Session)
Red Red Meat - Idaho Durt (Dead Bird)
VR Featuring Dr. Devious And His Wisemen - Cyberdream (Indisc)
The Fatima Mansions - Something Bad (Kitchenware)
70 Gwen Party - Howard Hughes (Session)
Dorothy Berry - Standin' On The Corner (Candy Records)
Zero Zero - W.F.K. [Malice Afore Thought] (Kickin' Records)
Superconductor - Bushpilot (Boner)
Bivouac - Drank (Session)
Curve - Mission From God (Anxious)
Culture - Natty Never Get Weary (High Note)
Drag Racing Underground - I Smell You (Albertine)
Ground Level - Out Of Body (Vicious Vinyl)
Pain Teens - Shallow Hole (Trance Syndicate)
Cherubs - Half A Rat (Trance Syndicate)
T.P. OK Jazz - Mokili Mbanga Ya Taba (Tamaris)
70 Gwen Party - Stop, Resurrect and Fire (Session)
Apollo Landing - Trouble (Go! Discs)
Silver Jews - September 1999 (Drag City)
The Klezmatics - NY Psycho Freylekhs (Piranha)
Bivouac - Two Sticks (Session)
Leo Anibaldi - Raiders Of The Future (ACV)
The Family Cat - Colour Me Grey (Dedicated)
God Is My Co Pilot - 2 Meats Beats As One (Runt)
Les Quatre Etoiles - Luila (Sterns Africa)
Unrest - Firecracker (Ajax)
70 Gwen Party - Smash (Session)
Thriller U - You Shook Me Up (Steely and Clevie)
Bivouac - Lead (Session)
Sheer - Kali (Creation)