Monday, October 21, 2013

John Peel - 6th December 2001

Featuring a superb session from Lianne Hall.

Les Sexareenos - On My Own (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Sizzla - Boom and Go Through (Digital B)
Lianne Hall - Fair Enough (Session)
Chris C and The Doktor - Naked (Mohawk)
Flunk - Blue Monday (Demo)
Klaus Bayer - Gestern (Stalplatt)
Eugene Kemp - No Pity In The City (Ace)
Lianne Hall - Rain (Session)
Diff'rent Strokes - Hard To Explain (Guided Missile)
Alliance - Dis Is Da One (Demo)
Martini Henry Rifles - Shit (Boobytrap)
Dreadzone - Straight To A Soundboy (Rough Life)
Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra - I Miss My Swiss [My Swiss Miss Misses Me]
Lianne Hall - Trouble (Session)
Sterile - Like A Mystery (Lasergun)
Travis Cut - For Promotional Use Only (Them's Good)
Herman Dune - ?
Beachbuggy - From The South (Poptones)
Lianne Hall - Stumble (Session)
Nitro - Sumo Catacombs (Audio Chocolate)
The Dawn Parade - Good Luck Olivia (Sugartown)
Fallen Angel - Kandoo [Sterling Moss Remix] (Titchy Bitch)
Econoline - I'm Plagued (Infur)
Ben Tramor - Laurie's Theme [Halloween Mix] (Chemikal Underground)
Lianne Hall - So Good (Session)
Jackie Edwards - Johnny Gunman (Trojan)
David Jack - Coming Home (Knife Fighting Monkeys)