Saturday, October 19, 2013

John Peel - 2nd June 1996

Featuring Zion Train And Ruts DC in session.

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Cub Koda - Scratchin' And Whammin (Schoolkids)
Swirlies - Sounds Of Sebring (Taang!)
Zion Train and Ruts DC - Teenage Dub (Session)
The Fall - Hostile (Jet)
June Of 44 - Rivers And Plains (Touch And Go)
Star Power - Nothing Can Save Us London [Chris Liberator's Sonic Mix] (Stay Up Forever Remix)
Go-Kart 800 - Vat 69 (Real)
Gauge -Agnes (Bright Music Organisation)
Zion Train and Ruts DC - Suspect Dub (Session)
Polvo - Light Of The Moon (Touch And Go)
Little Richard - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (Metronome)
Wayne Rogers - So Gone (Twisted Village)
Colone - Dissin' You (Labworks UK)
Movietone - Useless Landscape (Planet)
Make-Up - International Airport (Dischord)
Zion Train and Ruts DC - Bass Adds Growth (Session)
Cougars - The Day It Rained Pigeon Shit (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Bandulu  - Deep Sea Angler (Blanco Y Negro)
International Strike Force - Rocket Challenge (Slampt)
Analogue - View From Space (Sonic Bubblegum)
Dynamic Duo - Sad Story (Joker)
Ellen Alien - Atomique (MFS)
Beatnik Filmstars - I Am A Pioneer (Mobstar)
Zion Train and Ruts DC - Waiting For The Dub (Session)
Red Aunts - Freakathon (Epitaph)
Los Planeros De La Viente Uno - Plene De San Antone (Henry Street)
The Fall - He Pep! (Jet)
Labradrord - Scenic Recovery (Duophonic)
Cymbals - The Last Rose Of Summer