Wednesday, October 16, 2013

John Peel - BFBS, 27th May 1995

DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Move Dammit (Twisted Vinyl)
High Coin - Shaun's Song (Dishy)
Globo - Sprawling (Hydrogen Jukebox)
Helium - All The X's Have Wings (Matador)
Cornershop - My Dancing Days Are Done (Wiiija)
Hard Trance - Rubberd Uck (Evolution Gold)
Quadrajets - Let's Go To Outer Space (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Bastard - Pests (Plattenmeister)
Teen Angels - Jesus Is On My Side (Scooch Pooch)
Furtips - Apple And Sceptre (Ajax)
Quazar - New Years Eve (Seven Stars)
Murmur - Lam (Cloudland)
Guided By Voices - [I Wanna Be A] Dumbcharger (Matador)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Sponsoring The Moshpits (Probe Plus)
Woodshed - ? (Cloak And Dagger)
Blacktop - Mojo Kitty (In The Red)
Ultimate S.T. - What's This DJ? (Evolution Gold)
Nectarine - My Good Friend (Grass)
Rubher - Johnny Peel [Is Dead]
DJ Shock C And DJ Ellis The Menace - On The Level (Back To Basics)
70 Gwen Party - Hiding In The Wall (Snape)
 Swoon 23 - Spooky You (Tim Kerr)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Friday Night And The Gates Are Low (Probe Plus)
Blue 101 - Meerofenfushi (Out Of Romford)
Dramatics - In The Rain (Stax)
Simon Joyner - Don't Begrudge A Man His Funeral (Brinkman)
London Punkharmonic Orchestra - Teenage Kicks (Music Collection International)
The Undertones - Teenage Kicks (Good Vibrations)
Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Mr Eliminator
Adolescent Music Fantasy - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (Sympathy For The Record Industry)