Thursday, January 30, 2014

John Peel - 14th November 1992

Featuring sessions from Drunk Tank and Ultraviolence.

Mudhoney - Pump It Up (City Slang)
Wawali Bonane - Bayaya (Maciste)
Ultraviolence - Demons (Session)
Chumbawamba - Behave (Agit Prop)
New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Beatlemania (Play It Again Sam)
Drunk Tank - Pin-Up Girl (Session)
George Best - George Best's Dreamhome (Exotica)
Strangelove - Visionary (Sermon)
Babes In Toyland - Bruise Violet (Southern)
Loop Guru - Mrabet (Nation)
Codeine - Hard To Find (Sub Pop)
Perspex Whiteout - Hey Girl (Imaginary)
Ultraviolence - Broken Hearted (Session)
Drunk Tank - Accident (Session)
Veronica Lake - Daisy Kiss (Spin Art)
Bivouac - Slack (Elemental)
Bandulu - Internal Ocean (Infonet)
Automatic Dlamini - Putty (Big Internation)
Lisanga - Ko-Linga (ACP Music)
Julian Cope - Akhenaten
Southern Culture On The Skids - Come And Get It (Giant Claw)
Phil Phillips - Stormy Weather (Ace)
Surge - Hear (Babe)
Phantom Surfers - Bonus Track (Estrus)
Ultraviolence - Time To Die (Session)
Drunk Tank - Crooked Mile (Session)
The Muffs - Rock And Roll Girl (City Slang)
Terry Edwards - 8ighty One (Stim)
In Dust - Roy (Wallcreeper)
Nelories - Banana (Sugarfrost)
Strobe Man - Punished For This [Dalex Mix] (Pure Bass)
Royal Trux - Sometimes (Drag City)
Joel And The Dimensions - Sweetest One (Ace)
God Is My Co-Pilot - What's Natural (Ajax)
Disembowelled Corpse - Cesspool Of Sorrow (Mint Tone)
Elektron - Power Groove (Pure Bass)
Big Black - Pavement Saw (Touch And Go)
Hanson Brothers - Road Pizza (Alternative Tentacles)
Ultraviolence - We Are The Dead (Session)
Various Artists - Over The Moor To Maggie/Fred Finn's/The Hunters House (Real World)
Bugjuice - Just Came Out That Way (Constant Change)
Drunk Tank - Stranger Danger (Session)
Irresistible Force - Spiritual High (Rising High)