Monday, January 13, 2014

John Peel - 2nd January 1980

Featuring sessions from PIL and UB40.

Ian North - Don't Dance (Aura)
Roaring Eighties - Apparently (Reel)
Elvis Costello and The Attractions - I Can't Stand Up For Falling (Radar)
P.I.L. - Pop Tones (Session)
UB40 - Food For Thought (Session)
The Clash - I'm Not Down (CBS)
The Beatles - I'm Down
Captain Beefheart - Son Of A Mirror Man (United Eighties)
Lonnie and The Devotions - Jocko Homo (Rhino)
Andy Capp - Popatop (Treasure Island)
Mental As Anything - The Nips Are Getting Bigger (Virgin)
Simple Minds - Real To Real (Arista)
Simple Minds - Naked Eye (Arista)
Simple Minds - Citizen (Arista)
Simple Minds - Carnival (Arista)
UB40 - King (Session)
British Shoes - Running From Mummy (NWJ)
P.I.L. - Chant (Session)
Golinski Brothers - Bloody (Attrix)
Supertramp - Bloody Well Right
Anthony Moore Girl It's Your Time (Quango)
Lillettes - Hey Operator (Attrix)
Prince Far I - I And I Are The Chosen One (Trojan)
The Stiffs - Inside Out (Dork)
Surf Punks- My Wave (Rhino)
Flowers - After Dark (Pop Aural)
Mopeds - Whisky and Soda (Columbia Blue Beat)
UB40 - 25 Per Cent
Geraint Jarman - Gwesty Cymru
P.I.L. - Careering (Session)
Joe King Carrasco and El Molino - Please Mr Sandman (Big Beat)