Thursday, January 02, 2014

John Peel - Nightride, 24th July 1968

A vintage program for you today featuring the poetic talents of the Occasional Word Ensemble.

The Who - Run Run Run (Reaction)
Occasional Word Ensemble - Brownsville Blues (Session)
Leon Rosselson - She Was Crazy, He Was Mad (Transatlantic)
Mitch Howard - George King [Poem]
? - Some strange waltz thing.
Occasional Word Ensemble - I'm So Glad (Session)
Robert Wilkins - Police Sergeant Blues
Rick Silvester  - Mrs Jones [Poem]
Francois Rabbath - Ode D'Espagne (Philips)
Mitch Howard - A Bedtime Poem [Poem]
Rick Sylvester - When I Was Three [Poem]
Difference - Sweet Sounds Everywhere (RCA)
Ric Sanders - Prophet Of Death And Confusion [Poem]
Ric Sanders - Naked Ambition [Poem]
Jean-Max Clement - Cello Suite No.2 In D Minor - Menuett I and II
Dave Kelly - A Few Short Lines (Matchbox)
John Brown - Ort [Poem]
John Brown - Serena [Poem]
John Brown - As Islands Go I Get Around [Poem]
John Brown - Violation [Poem]
Ustad Vilayat Khan - Raga Yaman (EMI)
Occasional Word Ensemble - Georgia Skin Game (Session)