Tuesday, January 28, 2014

John Peel - 16th January 2002

Featuring a live set from the undisputedly brilliant Dread Zone.

Ikara Colt - Rudd (Fantastic Plastic)
Burning Spear - Ethopians Live It Out (Coxsone)
Burning Spear - Ethopians Live It Out (Studio One)
Shellac - Ghost (Touch And Go)
Ovuca - Cliff (Rephlex)
Crash - Dust [When Dust Turns To Dust] (Sound Fiction)
Elders Of Zion - #1 In Gaza This Week (Incidental Music)
Solex - Shoot Shoot (Matador)

Dreadzone Live At Maida Vale

Universal Project - Hoax (Cyclon)
Hefner - When The Angels Play Their Drum Machines [Mothership Mix] (Too Pure)
Jack Payne And His BBC Dance Orchestra - Choo Choo (Columbia)
Cornershop - Lessons Learned From Rocky I To Rocky III [Cowcube Remix] (Wiiija)
Mystic Revealers -Rastaman In New York (Kariang)
Small Faces - Happydaystoytown (Immediate)
Hector Collectors - What's The Point In Getting Up? (Jam Jar)
Rev Benny Campbell - You Must Be Born Again (Document)
Glorybox - Star (Sally Forth)
Anna Kashfi - Farewell Song (Emma's House Recordings)
Murcof - Memoria (Context)