Thursday, March 13, 2014

John Peel - 28th January 1999

Featuring a repeat of the one and only session from Metrotone.

Bob Log III - Old Lady Jones (Fat Possum)
Justin Berkovi - Dodge 'n' Burn (Force Inc.)
Metrotone - Orange Resin Tiles (Session)
The Boys - Sick On You (Vinyl Japan)
The Users - Sick Of You (Raw)
Sleater Kinney - A Quarter To Three (Matador)
Gary U.S. Bonds - A Quarter To Three (Top Rank)
Rise - One Way In No Way Out (Pagoda)
Sebadoh - Tree (Domino)
Metrotone - When It All Comes Down (Session)
Misty In Roots - Into/Mankind (Kaz)
Cha Cha Cohen - Nothing To Do (Chemikal Underground)
Dave Allen And The Arrows with Dick Dale - Surf Trek (Shanachie)
Tommyknocker - Speedbird (Beeswax)
Senseless Prayer - Step Number One (Self Released)
Elfish Echo - Bitten (Source)
The Queers - Tamara Is A Punk (Hopeless)
Metrotone - My Own Writing (Session)
Lightning Hopkins - Lonesome Dog Blues (Ace)
Gore Beyond Necropsy - Mindplague (Relapse)
ROM=Pari - Hear They Scum (Sub Rosa)
Pop Off Tuesday - Toilettes Imagination (Pickled Egg)
Gaze - Detail Queen (K)
Fonn - Sandman (Fatcat)
Metrotone - Stand By Me (Session)
Inch feat. Mark E. Smith - Inch (Regal)
Robert Wyatt - Free Will And Testament (Domino)