Tuesday, March 11, 2014

John Peel - 6th September 1982

Featuring the talents of Flesh For Lulu and Pale Fountains in session.

Dance Society - Womans Own
King Tubby - Winter Dub (Tad's)
Pale Fountains - The Norfolk Broads (Session)
Flesh For Lulu - Dancer (Session)
Gonads - She Can't Whip Me
Ghoulies - Listening To My Neighbour Singing
Bauhaus - In The Flat Field
Pale Fountains - Thank You (Session)
Papa Face And Red Man - Dance Pon De Corner
Yellowman - Out Of Hand
Purpleman - Get Me Mad
Flesh For Lulu - Missionary (Session)
Comsat Angels - Birdman
Costas Modakis - ?
Pale Fountains - [I'm A] Long Shot For Your Love (Session)
Mofungo - El Salvador (Rough Trade)
Don Carlos - Hog And Goat
Sex Gang Children - Beasts
Danny White - Beasts
Flesh For Lulu - Walk Tired (Session)
Passage - XOYO
Icon AD - What's Your Name?
Big Country - Harvest Home