Wednesday, March 05, 2014

John Peel - 5th March 1986

A superb program featuring sessions from Bogshed and Twang.

The Shop Assistants - Safety Net (53rd and 3rd)
Art Of Noise feat. Duane Eddy - Peter Gunn (China)
Bogshed - The Fastest Legs (Session)
Primevals - Spiritual (New Rose)
Culture - Dance Hall Style (Blue Mountain)
Twang - Eight At A Time (Session)
Sudden Sway - Singsong (Blanco Y Negro)
Wire - Dot Dash (Pink Label)
The Wolfhounds - Another Hazy Day On The Lazy A (Pink Label)
Pat Kelly - How Long Will It Take (GAS)
Bogshed - Adventure Of Dog (Session)
Johnny Fortune - Dragster (Sonic)
Len Bright Combo - The Combo Hour Of Harry Secombe (Empire)
Mighty Sparrow - Coke Is Not It (B's Records)
Eton Crop - Boy Meets Tractor (Grunt A Go Go)
Twang - Cold Tongue Berlin (Session)
In The Nursery - Breach Birth [Blockade Mix] (Sweatbox)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Trumpton Riots (Probe Plus)
Hopeton Lindo - Tribute (Aqua)
New Order - Shellshock (Factory)
Bogshed - Summer In My Lunchtime (Session)
Willie Clayton - Running In And Out Of My Life (Move)
Twang - Big Dry Out (Session)
We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It - She (Vindaloo)
Bob And Vi - Keep Lying, I Love It (Vindaloo)
Jimmy Hendrix - Like A Rolling Stone (Polydor)
 The Soup Dragons - Quiet Content (Subway Organization)
Bogshed - Morning Sir/Little Car (Session)
Super Cat - Vine Yard Party (Skengdon)
Twang - Lawsuit Man (Session)
Misunderstood - Shake Your Money Maker (Time Stood Still)
Lime Spiders - Out Of Control (Citadel)