Friday, March 21, 2014

The Fall - Manchester Roadhouse, 8th December 1993

An excellent performance from the mighty ones from December 1993, the year in which Lord Smith and co. had released their Infotainment Scan lp which if you ask me (and no-one ever does) stands out as one of their finest moments. Not that The Fall really have any bad ones. More just the occasional dip in form. This recording was as you will discover from the intro broadcast on the John Peel program in it's entirety and features a selection of tracks from The Infotainment Scan, Middle Class Revolt (which would be the bands next album in 1995) and a selection of earlier stuff. I for one was quite disappointed when they stopped playing Free Range, always sounds special live. What always makes me smile about this recording is the polite applause between tracks. Very strange but the probability is that they were all simply overcome what with being in the presence of the great Lord Smith of Salford! 

Behind The Counter
Ladybird Green Grass
The League Of Bald Headed Men
A Past Gone Mad
I'm Frank
Glam Racket
Wrong Time, Right Place
The Mixer
Lost In Music
Cab Driver
Paranoia Man In Cheap Shit Man
Free Range