Wednesday, May 28, 2014

John Peel - Rock Radio, Finland, 18th May 1988

One of Mr Peels superb programs recorded for Rock Radio in Finland.

The Sugarcubes - Night Of Steel (One Little Indian)
Dead Moon - Hey Joe (Tombstone)
De La Soul - Plug Tunin' [Are You Ready For This] (Tommy Boy)
Butthole Surfers - Julio Iglesias (Blast First)
John Chibadura And Sungura Boys - Nhamo Yatakawona
Art Phag - 4 Basic Vejabo Groups (Wanghead Records)
Dr And The Crippens - Eat Your Wheelchair (Manic Ears)
Extreme Noise Terror - Only In It For The Music (Manic Ears)
Avo-8 - Is This The End (Avo)
Hard Ons - Busted (Waterfront)
Dismasters - You Must Crazy [Brutus] (Urban Rock)
The Wonder Stuff - Give Give Give Me More More More (Polydor)
Head Of David - Grand Rift Faultline (Blast First)
Slam Boys - ?
Dog Faced Hermans - Big Pot (Calculus)
Vultures - Good Thing (Narodnik)
A Witness - Zip Up (Ron Johnson)