Thursday, May 15, 2014

18th April 2002

Featuring the first broadcast of the third Travis Cut session.

Axiome - Woaw (Ant Zen)
Nina Nastasia - Do Little (Touch And Go)
Travis Cut - Protest And Politics (Session)
Super-Collider - Closetails (Rise Robots Rise)
Eastern Lane - Broken Mask (Rough Trade)
Ray Bryant Trio - The Madison Time Pt 1 (Ace)
Dianograph - Wrapping The Lamb, Sir (Southern)
Cursor Minor - Snapped Capacitor (Lo)
Metermen - Tokyo 2005 (Midium)
Easybeats - Friday On My Mind (United Artists)
Travis Cut - In Transit (Session)
Pate - Shinkai Cruise (Sur La Plage)
Man Or Astro-Man - Wayward Meteor
Telecraft - DIY Queen (Magic Marker)
Hottentots - In Geneva With Eva
The Radar Brothers - You And The Father (Chemikal Underground)
Travis Cut - Never Wanted Anything (Session)
James Carr - At The Dark End Of The Street (Kent)
Faust - Dig (Klangbad)
Sister Vanilla - Pastel Blue (Geographic)
The Fall - Enigrammatic Dream (Action)
Marc Smith Vs Safe N Sound - Identify The Beat (Bonkerz)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Summer (Geographic)
Travis Cut - MQ (Session)
Modern Jazz Quartet - The Golden Striker (Atlantic)
Alfie - Bends For 72 Miles (Twisted Nerve)
Sportique - Obsessive (Matinee)
Fallout Boy - Disco Is Shit (Bulletproof)