Tuesday, May 20, 2014

John Peel - 10th January 2002

Featuring a session by the wonderful Melys which was stolen from The Session In Wales, and quite right too.

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The White Stripes - Cannon (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Lab 4 - Resurrection (Fragile)
Coloma - The Difference Between Silver And Grey (Ware)
Unit 4+2 - Concrete And Clay (London)
Berkowitz, Lake And Dahmer - Skinned Teeth (Fflint Central)
Melys - Watercolour (Session)
Gabrielle Twenty Five - Every Little Thing I Say Gets You Down (Demo)
Anthony B - God Above Everything (Brick Wall)
Les Paul And Mary Ford - How High The Moon (Capitol)
Hefner - All I'll Ever Need (Too Pure)
Lynn Taitt And The Jets - Solomon (Merritone)
Stephen Mathieu - Snow (Mille Plateaux)
String Builder - Forces (Handsome)
Melys - Buwch Sanctaidd (Session)
Camera Obscura - Houseboat (Andmoresound)
DJ Rupture - Desarriada (Soot)
Herman Dune - Going To The Everglades (Prohibited)
The Misunderstood - My Mind (Cherry Red)
Bolz Bolz - Human Race (Longhaul)
The Boy Cartographer - The Teeth Of Wind And Weather (White Label)
Dynamo - Dynamo (D I N)
Melys - Chinese Whispers (Session)
Ming - II Continente Mentale (Doxa)
Black Billy Sunday - The Red Horse And It's Rider (Document)
Synergy - And Ben Kaye - 300 Cycles (Red)
Hundred Hands - A Replay (Deep Elm)
Noonday Underground - The Light Brigade (Guided Missile)
I Am Robot And Proud - Saturday Afternoon Plans (Catmobile)
Vehicle Derek - Sometimes She Will (Boss Tuneage)
Anti-Social - Traffic Lights (Dynamite)
Muffler - Nutcracker (White Label)