Friday, May 09, 2014

John Peel - 5th January 1997

Featuring the first session from the wonderful Radar Brothers who would go one to record a further two session for the Peel show. The last being broadcast in June 2000.

Guided By Voices - Postal Blowfish (Matador)
Radar Brothers - Wise Mistake From You (Session)
State Of The Art - Kobold (State Of The Art)
East River Pipe - I Am A Small Mistake (Shinkansen)
Jerry Van Rooyen - The Great Bank Robbery (Crippled Dick Hot Wax)
Centry Meets Manasseh - Last Call (Conscious Sounds)
Toenut - Danger! Humans Approach (Mute)
The Wedding Present - Sports Car (Cooking Vinyl)
ECP - Streets Of Gold (Riot Beats)
Radar Brothers - Yukon (Session)
Dobie - The Return Of The Revenge Of The Death Of The Legacy Of Gogol 13 (Pussyfoot)
Delphium - Burning Out Fields (Outsider)
Medicine Head - Fire Under Mountain (Repertoire)
Teen Titans - Bug Bite (Peel-A-Boo Records)
Porter Ricks - Nautical Dub (Chain Reaction)
Gentle People - The Soundtrack Of Life (Rephlex)
Glen Brown and King Tubby - Version 78 Style (Blood and Fire)
Apples In Stereo - To Love The Vibration Of The Blub (Elephant Six)
Choose - Nail File (UFO London)
Radar Brothers - Stay (Session)
Pipe - You're Soaking In It (Jesus Christ)
Donfisher - This Time (Crackle!)